How Do You Install A UV Pool?

A UV pool system is used in pools and spas to eliminate and lower the chemical content and chlorine in the pools. UV systems for pools make them safer, easier, and healthier to maintain. However, purchasing a UV pool is a big decision. You should choose a unit that can sanitize the entire volume of your pool in about eight to twelve hours. In addition, you should choose a unit that can run two to three cycles per day.

Solaxx NUVO Ultraviolet Water Sanitizer:

If you’re in the market for a UV water sanitizer for your above-ground pool, you may want to consider the Solaxx NUVO Ultraviolet. It’s designed to sterilize water at the 0.5ppm level, regardless of the horsepower of your pump.

The Solaxx NUVO Ultraviolet sanitizer is easy to install and uses high-intensity ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses. This technology is similar to that used to sterilize surgical instruments. It’s an effective way to disinfect water and kill pathogens resistant to chlorine, including Adenovirus, Hepatitis A, and Influenza. Additionally, it uses less chlorine than traditional systems, reducing chemical usage by up to 80%.

Solaxx Spectra-Light UV:

The Solaxx Spectra-Light UV sanitizing system uses ultra-violet light to disinfect your pool water. Its efficient filtration process lowers the amount of chlorine in your pool while eliminating harmful chlorine by-products. The system is easy to install and maintain. It connects to the existing pool filter with only three steps and takes less than 30 minutes. This UV pool system can be used in swimming pools of any size and is compatible with most existing systems.

SpectraLight UV:

The SpectraLight UV pool system uses ultraviolet light to purify water and eliminate chlorine by-products. It is easy to install and manage. UV light penetrates the water and destroys more than 60 waterborne pathogens. This system is also easy to adapt to existing pool filters. Its modular design allows you to order the specific port size and PVC bushings needed to connect to the pool.

The SpectraLight UV pool sanitizer is easy to install but requires skill and know-how. It’s important to remember that UV lamps gradually lose effectiveness over time. Regular maintenance is therefore recommended to prevent this issue.

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