Zensa Numbing Review

Zensa numbing cream is a non-sticky, water-based cream that can help patients relax during painful procedures. It’s easy to apply and leaves the skin feeling smooth. It is a good option for pain management during procedures, but it isn’t always necessary.


Lidocaine and zensa are two of the most widely used numbing agents for cosmetic procedures. They are used as pre and secondary numbing agents for tattooing, permanent makeup, and other painful micropigmentation treatments. Both numbing agents effectively reduce pain and the risk of infection.

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic that causes temporary numbness of the skin. It is also effective at reducing the discomfort caused by skin inflammation. Zensa numbing cream contains 5% lidocaine. It is applied to the skin before the procedure and takes effect after a few hours. It is safe to use on sensitive skin and is pH neutral. It has a three-year shelf-life, which makes it one of the safest topical anesthetics on the market.


Zensa numbing is a topical numbing cream that contains 5% Lidocaine. It is hypoallergenic and starts working within 15 minutes. The effect lasts for two to four hours. To use it, apply it to the affected area using adhesive tape. It is suitable for temporary pain relief and prevention.


Zensa numbing cream is a water-based, non-oily formulation that provides long-lasting pain relief. The numbing cream begins working within 20 minutes and stays effective for up to eight hours. It is also cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. It is recommended for use before laser hair removal, body tattooing, and injections.

Lasts over 3 hours:

Zensa topical anesthetic is a dermatologist-approved anesthetic for all skin types, including sensitive and dry. It provides a long-lasting numbing effect that can last up to three hours. It is made with safe, natural ingredients, including lecithin, which helps lidocaine penetrate deeply into the nerves. It is also pH neutral, making it safe to reapply after the application has ended.

Not to be used in the eye:

Zensa numbing is not meant to be applied to the eye. You must not use it in the eye to avoid serious eye damage. The company which produces this cream uses natural ingredients and ethical standards. They test their products extensively to ensure they don’t contain harmful chemicals. Moreover, they are free of synthetic fragrances and sulfates.

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